How does front-wheel drive design help electric vehicles?

With the continuous development of electric vehicle technology, more and more people buy and choose electric vehicles. When buying a car, we will find that there are still many front-drive electric vehicles. There are many front-drive vehicles of electric vehicles, mainly including The following aspects?


First of all, the first aspect is the issue of cost. For the front-wheel drive car, a relatively long drive shaft is omitted from the cost design of the vehicle, which means that a part of the cost can be saved. Secondly, it is not so much in terms of design. The complexity also saves space in the car. On the other hand, many electric vehicles on the market do not have a proprietary design platform, and the configurations and frames of some electric vehicles are transitioned from the fuel version. In order to seize the opportunity in the market, many new energy vehicles are It was developed again following the structure of the fuel vehicle, so there are more front-wheel drive.

From the second point of view, there are no huge and complicated engines, gearboxes, traditional systems, etc. in the engine compartment. From the perspective of the front space, the space is abundant and relatively large, and some electric vehicles are fuel-worthy The electric chassis comes, then the layout of the chassis is difficult to change. It is easier to install the motor directly by removing the engine gearbox. At the same time, the front drive motor and energy recovery equipment can be made compact enough and will not take up a lot of space like traditional fuel vehicles.

How does front-wheel drive design help electric vehicles?

The reason why there are many front-drive electric vehicles is also considered according to the market and other environments. In short, it must be reasonable to exist. The popularity of front-wheel-drive models is inseparable from the needs of the era of fuel vehicles. In the early stage of production, the time-consuming, low-cost, space-saving, and structural design of the vehicle make it defeat the front-wheel-drive form, which is naturally dominant in handling, which is why there are so many front-wheel-drive vehicles. .

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