Woodchain Technology releases industrial Internet security situational awareness, four differentiated solutions to six major problems

Recently, Zhejiang Mulian Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the first platform-level product “BoleanGuard Industrial Internet Security Operation Platform” (hereinafter referred to as “Security Operation Platform”). It is reported that this is a software and hardware integrated security situational awareness product, designed to help industrial enterprises solve the problem of unclear security situation, unclear security threats, unclear security data, unclear security assets, and uncertain emergency response. , Six major problems in compliance self-inspection.

Wood-chain technology product experts said that the new environment and new perspectives, the current industrial enterprises to achieve safe operation and production, the focus is on the overall dynamic control of the security situation from time to time. The “safe operation platform” product launched this time is based on the “safety pyramid” construction concept of Mulian Technology, which can realize important functions such as precise location of threats in advance, intelligent linkage processing during the incident, and collaborative traceability and evidence collection after the incident. The defense system builds a core security brain.

[BoleanGuard Industrial Internet Security Operation Platform]

New Ideas for Great Security

In the post-epidemic era, new security threats against global industrial equipment have intensified, and the high ransom has made hackers salivate. We have to admit that in the process of informatization and digitalization, safety construction in the industrial field has been neglected for a long time. So what is “big security”? Woodchain Technology believes that it is not enough for industrial enterprises to emphasize information security independently. It is the great security that integrates centralized monitoring of business and realizes the security of “IT + OT”. We should make the OT network visible, discover blind spots and quantify their impact, in order to finally realize safe feeding back to production and the realization of safe value.

Protocol analysis is the most critical

Unlike traditional security, in the industrial field, implementing in-depth protocol analysis is the basis for constructing industrial Internet security anomaly analysis. But compared with the various protocols commonly used in Internet data collection, the protocols in the industrial field are like “dialects” converging, and the types are complex and difficult to distinguish. “Do not understand” is still an old and difficult problem, and the standardization of industrial agreements is still in its infancy, so how can industrial enterprises break through the actual bottleneck?

Woodchain Technology has established a Friday network security attack and defense laboratory, which is proficient in firmware reverse analysis technology. It has analyzed more than 100 general foreign network protocols and 27 core industrial private protocols. The types and depths are at the leading domestic level, which is to achieve industrial-grade Security situational awareness provides important technical support.

Data engine power

As a new resource of production factors, industrial data plays an increasingly prominent role in driving the digital transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises. The quality, authenticity and completeness of data are the key to the use of data value. In the digitally connected industrial environment, various systems, equipment and production lines are connected, so the ability to safely exchange data across borders is essential. In the special environment of the industrial site, the accuracy of safety analysis, detection, and model calculation must reach the millisecond level to meet the high concurrency and low latency control requirements of industrial real-time data, so as to ensure the safe operation of the production system without interruption. This is a tradition What the big data engine cannot achieve.

Mulian Technology innovates and develops industrial big data high-speed processing engine group, including data acquisition, protocol analysis, data storage, and abnormal analysis engines. It adopts Hadoop HDFS, MapReduce, machine learning, knowledge graph and other technologies, which is suitable for industrial enterprises. The big data processing engine group can realize the intelligent analysis of massive data and the rapid calculation of complex indicators to provide decision-making support for managers.

Fitting business is fundamental

Industrial Internet security situational awareness products are mainly used for the security protection of industrial enterprises’ own industrial information systems, and are suitable for enterprise customers in various industries in the industrial field. In view of the large differences in industrial control systems and process requirements in different industries, the requirements for the construction of industrial Internet situational awareness are not the same. Woodchain technology innovation realizes the matrix assembly of various functions of the “safe operation platform”. Industrial enterprises can, according to the actual situation on site, Realize rapid customized development. Of course, WoodChain Technology can also conduct customized development according to the specific needs of users, build an exclusive security operation platform with corporate characteristics that fits the business, and achieve perfect integration with production.

Finally, to borrow a sentence from the Internet, “The storm is forming, and the wood chain technology is in place. Are you ready for industrial enterprises?”

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