Insight LiDAR Introduces New Version of High Resolution Long Range FMCW LiDAR

According to foreign media reports, Insight LiDAR, a FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave, frequency modulated continuous wave) lidar supplier, announced the launch of a new version of the high-resolution long-range FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave, frequency modulated continuous wave) lidar sensor Insight 400. This product complements its flagship Insight 1600. It uses Insight’s patented tunable laser control algorithm to deliver the industry’s highest resolution (0.025°x0.025°) and ultra-high image quality, enabling the vehicle to navigate safely in a variety of environments.


(Image credit: Insight LiDAR)

The new version of the Insight 400 retains many of the key features of the Insight LiDAR ultra-high-resolution and long-range sensors, and is optimized for long-range backward applications and early ADAS applications. Like the Insight 1600, the Insight 400 can increase pixel processing speed, support multiple pixel returns, and provide industry-leading object detection probability, reducing system latency and improving accuracy, but it is smaller (13 x 5 x 5.5cm) and lower cost. Combined with the Insight 1600, the Insight 400 can achieve full 360-degree long-range lidar coverage while reducing the total cost of a single-vehicle lidar to less than $1,500, a quarter of the price of other solutions. In addition, this version features a proprietary solid-state fast axis scanner. By placing all key optical components on a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and sharing the majority of components for both sensors, Insight delivers industry-leading performance and significantly lower costs. The Insight 400 is comparable in price to competitors’ sensors with a single 120-degree field of view.

Michael Minneman, CEO of Insight LiDAR, said: “High-resolution LiDAR is critical to safety. For this sensor to be installed on most vehicles, it must be cost-effective. We have worked closely with automakers and autonomous driving partners to Committed to designing lidar products that enable safe autonomous driving, at the expense of needing to deploy across the OEM product line.”

Insight’s unique sensor combines multiple patented technologies to provide low-cost chip-scale LiDAR that not only covers low-reflection objects up to 250 meters away, but also has industry-leading resolution with 10-20 times more pixels for object scanning . This ultra-high resolution combined with direct Doppler weather radar speed enables faster object identification and classification. It can also provide critical information needed to address edge cases in autonomous vehicles.

Both sensors can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, but the Insight 1600 has a 4-64x resolution advantage, making it ideal for front mounted long-range applications. Even when the vehicle is driving on the highway, the sensor can identify the vehicle ahead, pedestrians and road debris within the parking distance with a probability of more than 99.9%. The Insight 400 outperforms all current forward-looking long-range sensors and provides full rearward visibility, making it important for merging and blind-spot monitoring.

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