Intelligent phase control technology, Toshiba launches three-phase brushless motor control pre-drive IC

Toshiba Electronic components and Storage Co., Ltd. (“Toshiba”) announced the launch of the three-phase brushless motor control pre-drive IC “TC78B027FTG”, which uses intelligent phase control (InPAC) technology, can be used in high-speed server fans, blowers, pumps, etc. Achieve the best operating efficiency in the application.


TC78B027FTG Product Picture

In recent years, the capacity and performance of servers have continued to increase, which requires larger, faster-running fans to cool the excess heat generated by the equipment.

Similarly, small blowers, vacuum cleaners and pumps also use higher-power high-speed impellers. TC78B027FTG is a brushless motor controller with pre-drive, which can drive a variety of external MOSFETs to meet the above challenges.

TC78B027FTG adopts intelligent phase control (InPAC) and closed-loop speed control technology. InPAC provides high-efficiency drive functions, helping to achieve phase synchronization of drive Voltage and current, so as to provide the maximum actual power to the load. Without a certain compensation mechanism, this kind of operation is often impossible to achieve. It is usually necessary to clarify the characteristics of the motor in advance and adjust the working status in real time to achieve the highest efficiency in the entire speed range. However, InPAC provides automated functions that can be initialized during the design period, thereby minimizing subsequent adjustment work, and also helping to accelerate the development progress.

The closed-loop speed control function can adjust and maintain the motor speed under dynamic power fluctuations and load changes. This is a very valuable feature for mission-critical applications (such as server fans and other cooling applications). Toshiba uses the built-in non-volatile memory (NVM) to accurately set the speed curve, so that when using the TC78B027FTG, there is no need to use an external MCU to complete the closed-loop speed control.

In addition, the TC78B027FTG solution can simplify motor selection. TC78B027FTG only requires one Hall sensor input and can be used with a single Hall sensor motor or traditional 3 Hall sensor motors. The IC also uses Hall sensor analog or Hall IC digital signals for rotor position detection, which really simplifies the user’s task of motor selection.

For low-power applications, designers can also consider using the fully integrated driver version “TC78B025FTG” to cover 16V/3.5A applications.

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