Molex to Showcase Innovative Industry-Leading Interconnect Solutions at Electronica 2015

Molex company will be 3 moon 17 to 19 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) organized 2015 Presented at the Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich.Molex The focus of this exhibition is on China’s very dynamic and fast-growing electronics industry, and will provide a full range of innovative top-notch interconnect solutions.The solution will be exhibited at E5 showroom 5300 booth.

Molex Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Brian Krause express:By developing various interconnect solutions,Molex Not only can it provide the highest signal speed and signal integrity in the market, but also achieve a high degree of flexibility and scalability for the next-generation system architecture, and continuously meet the needs of design engineers in China.We are very happy to be here again at the Electronica Shanghai, where we can meet many local practitioners and explain to them Molex The benefits of interconnect solutions.

Molex Five main product categories will be highlighted: mobile, industrial, medical, datacom and automotive.Many of these products are in Molex Manufactured in China factories and mainly in factories located in Chengdu and Shanghai.

Show Highlights

Molex Highlights from the connector product showcase include:

· microSD/microSIM Combination product. For the ultra-mobile device space, typical products include smartphones, tablets and lightweight laptops,Molex has been launched microSD/micro-SIM Combo connector, the most compact product on the market.The height of this push-pull combination connector is 2.28 mm, the functions of the two cards are combined into one, saving a lot of space.

· Brad® MX-PTL™ M12 wire set. In factory automation applications, system downtime and prolonged installation times can affect profits and productivity.Brad MX-PTL M12 The cord set adopts fast and reliable press-to-lock connection technology, which can speed up the installation and solve the above problems well. The threadless design minimizes the risk of disconnection in high-vibration environments.

· MediSpec™ MPC connector system.MediSpec MPC The connector system is a custom off-the-shelf design and is a cost-effective commercial product that serves as a high-performance, low-cost alternative to typical medical circular connectors. The system has excellent contact properties and is especially suitable for hybrid alternatives.

· Polymicro Technologies™ MediSpec™ waveguide.Polymicro Technologies of MediSpec Hollow silica waveguides use aiming light technology to Er:YAG The laser system combines visible light targeting and power delivery in a single fiber, designed for medical laser applications, integrating mid-infrared laser power delivery and visible light targeting and centering.

· MediSpec™ laser direct structuring (LDS).LDS Technology enables forming interconnected devices (MID)integrates the printed circuit board and connector into one assembly, while Molex passing now MediSpec product line to deploy innovative MID/LDS Features.This technology allows designers of medical devices to integrate highly complex electrical and mechanical functions into extremely compact applications, where existing planar 2D Technology cannot do this.

· zQSFP+™ interconnection system.Molex of zQSFP+ Interconnect solutions support next-generation 100Gbps Ethernet and 100Gbps InfiniBand® Enhanced data rate applications supporting up to 25Gbps data transmission with excellent signal integrity, electromagnetic interference (EMI) Protection function and thermal cooling performance.

· EXTreme Guardian™ Power Connector System.Compact EXTreme Guardian Connectors and cable assemblies far exceed the high current and reliability requirements of top-of-the-line server and high-power applications, while providing EMI/RFI Shielding, overmolding and discrete routing options increase design flexibility.

· VersaBeam™ Beam expansion MT casing technology.VersaBeam MT The sleeve features embedded microlenses that prevent physical contact between the mating surfaces. This controlled gap prevents debris from embedding into the connector surface during mating and enables highly reliable, repeatable optical performance.

· Mini50™ Unsealed Connector System.Mini50 is an innovative miniaturized unsealed wire-to-board system that USCAR 0.64 Compared with millimeter connectors, it can save half the space.Mini50 The connector system is the industry’s smallest automotive grade unsealed system.

“Molex Established today in the Chinese market as a local manufacturer and supplier of advanced technology interconnect solutions.Molex Vice President of Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific David Ho express.We can provide solutions to the various design challenges our customers continue to encounter. We are fully committed to the growth of our business in China, as our clients have realized,Molex The products are the highly flexible, scalable and fully reliable interconnect products they desperately need, and extremely scalable for future high bandwidth demands.

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Industry Forum

Molex will also participate 2015 An industry forum hosted by the Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich.Molex Group Marketing Manager of the Corporate Division Fischer Huang will be 3 moon 18 The theme of the day isWhat is a good channel?COM and BER Standard comparison‘s speech.

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