Preliminary research and development of high-end FPGA of 28nm process grade, Zhiduojing unveiled its star products!

Xi’an Zhiduojing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Xi’an, with an EDA software research center in Beijing. The founding team has more than 30 years of rich experience in FPGA design and manufacturing, has worked for leading companies in this field overseas, and has served as technical leaders in multiple professional directions. The company’s core technical backbones come from well-known domestic universities and excellent FPGA R&D teams, including 4 doctors, 20+ masters, and 40+ invention patents. The company focuses on the research and development of programmable logic circuit device technology, providing system manufacturers with highly integrated, cost-effective programmable logic devices (FPGA), programmable logic device IP cores, related software design tools and innovative system solutions.

In 2020, Zhiduo will continue to steadily expand the application layout of mid-end FPGA products with a 55nm process level on the basis of mass production products.

In terms of cutting-edge technology research and development, Zhiduojing plans to initially complete the technical research and development of high-end FPGA products with a 28nm process level within the year, and build China’s own high-end FGPA products. At present, the overall research and development progress of the project has entered the final stage. It is expected that the first batch of 28nm process grade FPGA products will be completed in the second half of the year, and the product will be officially promoted to the market at the end of the year.

The specific technical performance of the first mass production of 28nm process grade FPGA products is expected to be as follows:

1. LUT6 (6 input) architecture, each LUT corresponds to 2 flip-flops, and is equipped with a more effective routing architecture.

2. Based on 28nm technology process (28nm), 30K (equivalent to LUT4) look-up table logic unit (19K LUT6)?

3. 68 18K (can be configured as 2xM9K) embedded high-speed dual port memory (dual port SRAM/FIFO Block) (true dual port/pseudo dual port)

4. Built-in 32 18×18 (or 64 9×9, splittable) serial multipliers and arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which can be stacked on two layers to realize DSP processing-intensive applications, including pre-adder and After adder. ?

5. Built-in MCU core (M33), peripheral ADC/SPI/UART/I2C/DMA?

6. Support 800MHz DDR2 interface, support MIPI.D-PHY equivalent, 1.2Gbps

227 effective user I/O

product description

2020 Hardcore China Core

Product: SL2D-25E-8N96

The Sealion 2000 series is Zhiduojing’s most mainstream FPGA star product family. This series provides high-speed computing, system control, interface expansion, protocol conversion and other functions for pan-industry, security monitoring, consumption, communications and other application fields. Low-power, high-performance, medium-scale logic resource-scale programmable device, with powerful DSP co-processing operations, flexible and easy-to-use I/O performance and other features. The market has accumulated over 10 million sales, and the price has a greater price advantage compared with foreign chips of the same type.

SL2D-25E-8N96 is a new product in Sealion 2000 series FPGA family. The product is packaged in QFP, internal 3D sealed DDR2. It can be widely used in industry, security monitoring, consumption, communication and other fields, providing high-speed computing, system control, interface expansion, protocol conversion and other functions. It is a low-power, high-performance, medium-scale programmable device with logic resources and powerful DSP co-processing operation, flexible and easy-to-use I/O performance and other features.


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