Spanish scientists use 3D printing technology to make high-performance circuits that can be used in vehicles and other equipment

According to foreign media reports, researchers from Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV) in Spain and researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (Spanish National Research Council) have developed a new method to quickly and cheaply. way to manufacture high-performance circuits. The method integrates 3D printing technology and can use a combination of metals and polymers. In addition, the researchers have proposed a technique to metallize the printed material and make it conductive.


(Image credit: Spanish Higher Scientific Research Council)

Carmen Bachiller, professor and researcher at UPV University’s Higher iTEAM School of Communication Engineering and Technology, explained: “3D printing technology allows us to prototype very quickly, but 3D printing technology usually works with plastic materials. Since we want the device to be conductive, so that For microwave applications, i.e. circuits, metallization is required. To achieve this, we have developed a technology that allows us to create a device made of plastic material, but the device is very stable and has Durable metal coating and good electrical conductivity.”

Researchers from the UPV University Institute of Chemical Technology (UPV-CSIC) are also involved in the project, collaborating in the field of development and application of metallization of plastic materials.

UPV and CSIC have patented this technology, which brings great benefits to designing and manufacturing microwave circuits quickly and at low cost. And such microwave circuits can be installed on small satellites, vehicles, and equipment in mobile communication base stations.

Carmen Bachiller concludes: “This technology enables the simple, fast and low-cost design of high-frequency communication devices, and in addition, makes it possible to design and manufacture any required component. With an integrated system, such components are very easy to assemble and exchange.”

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